Visibly excited over at home workouts!

At Home Workouts

Notice my excitement for at home workouts!

[ct_leading]At home workouts! Throw on your favorite TV show or blast some music and get too it![/ct_leading]


Circuit 1:

15 Burpees

30 seconds of high knees

25 sit-ups

10 squat jumps

Repeat 3-4x


Circuit 2:

1 minute jumping jacks

30 second froggy jumps

15 lunges each leg

10-15 push ups

Repeat 3-4x


Circuit 3:

50 mountain climbers (25 each leg)

30 seconds high knees

15 tricep push-ups

15 super-mans

20 bicycle crunches

Repeat 3-4x


Circuit 4:

30 seconds of burpees

30 seconds of squat jacks

15 squats with side kicks

1 min plank

15 push-ups

1 min right side plank

25 crunches with leg in Indian style

1 min left side plank

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 5:

30 seconds of 180 degree squat jumps (Face front jump and land facing the other way)

30 seconds of jumping jacks

30 seconds high knees

30 seconds burpees

15 push ups

25 crunches

10 leg raises

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 6:

1 min jumping jacks

15 burpees

1 min wall sit

30 russian twists

15 push-ups

Repeat 3-4X

Circuit 7:

1 minute high knees

1 minute jumping jacks

15 fire hydrants each leg

15 kickbacks each leg

20 bridges

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 8:

15 tricep dips (Place your palms on the back of a chair or couch)

15 windshield wipers

10 push-ups

30 second high knees

30 second squat jumps

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 9:

30 second jumping lunges

15 side lunges each leg

10 curtsy/crossback lunges

15 push-ups

1 min plank

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 10:

30 seconds of plank walks

30 second high knees

15 jump squats

30 bicycle crunches (15 each side)

15 sit-ups

15 tricep push-ups

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 11:

30 second 180 degree jumps squats

30 second running in place

15 plank crunches. (15 each side) (Start in raised plank position, bring knee to opposite elbow and elbow to opposite knee)

15 squats

10 lunges each leg

Repeat 3-4x

Circuit 12:

30 seconds running in place

15 burpees

30 sit-ups

30 crunches with legs in Indian style

15 push-ups

Repeat 3-4x

Some Rules!

Pick one per day. Go in any order that you would like. Maybe you want to start with Circuit 6 and then try circuit 12 the next day! Go at your own pace and modify the workouts to your needs. These are perfect for busy schedules and days you cannot make it to the gym. Something I love to tell people to do every night  right before bed is: 1 min wall sit, 1 min plank, 1 min side plank each side. This combination is amazing, and will get you one step closer to your goals. Be committed and love yourself!