Jog Sprint

Back peddling is hard! If you need please cut it out and do walk and side shuffle for 20 seconds each to reach 1 minute. I do a speed of 3.2 and incline of 14.5, find what works for you!


My jog is a speed of 6.4 and my sprint is an 8.4

Squat Jump/Lunge

The speed here is around 1.0-2.0 and I do an incline of 14.5. Find what works for you!

Treadmill Upper Body Warm Up

1 Min walking with weights/ 1 Min bicep curls/ 1 Min Tricep Kickbacks/ 1 Min Shoulder Press/ 1 Min walking without weights

Bike Sprints

Treadmill Hiit

  • 1 Minute Run Speed: 5-6
  • 20 second sprint Speed: 7-8
  • 20 second shuffle each side Speed: 2-3.5
  • 1 Minute Walk Speed: 3.0

Stairmaster Hiit

1 Minute Each move

  • Walking Stairmaster
  • Side steps 1 minute each side
  • Skip Steps
  • Walking Backwards