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How can you spice up your cardio?

EVERYONE gets bored with their cardio! Do not be afraid to try new things on the treadmill and challenge yourself! Here are some new moves for you to try. Thank you to Boss Media Group for creating this video! [video width="1080" height="1920"...

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Let’s Get Real About Meal Prep Ridiculous Recipes We all run into those beautiful pictures of a perfectly plated meals with the caption that reads “EASY, DELICIOUS MEAL PREP”. So, you click the link to the recipe and find out it takes 3 hours to cook and involves 3...

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Social Media, is it REALLY as bad as the news says?

You know you do it. It’s a routine we all know and love. It's called ............... scrolling Your face is washed, your teeth are brushed and you’re in a pair of comfy pajamas ready to bring your day to a close. Before crawling into bed you plug in that shiny device...

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P’Tula (Pa-Toola)

P’TULA (Pa-toola)   Why don’t you have your P’tula’s yet? Bet you tried and they were sold out AGAIN!! (3 times, really??)   P’Tula the active wear line created by Sami B, better known as @leanmachine. P’tula has already had 3 successful sold out launches with a few...

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Are you Putting yourself on the Back Burner?

Are you Putting yourself on the Back Burner? I’m Back and Re-prioritizing I have been MIA on my blog the past few weeks because I let school/finals and moving out take over my life. I planned to start writing again as soon as I got back home, but then I let finding a...

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At Home Workouts!

At Home Workouts Notice my excitement for at home workouts! [ct_leading]At home workouts! Throw on your favorite TV show or blast some music and get too it![/ct_leading]   Circuit 1: 15 Burpees 30 seconds of high knees 25 sit-ups 10 squat jumps Repeat 3-4x   Circuit...

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I am Spread Too Thin, Help!

 I am spread too thin, Help! We’re All In The Same Boat College students do not ever get a break. I get it and, just when you think you’re ahead on assignments you get 10 more assignments sent your way all due in the next few hours. College is draining and demanding,...

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Battle Between Tone Thin legs and wanting a booty too!

Battle Between Wanting Thin Legs and a Booty Too! [ct_leading]Almost all moves described for tone thin legs have a link to a video of me performing the move![/ct_leading] Tone Thin Legs! [ct_leading]Easily one of the hardest things to master. It is hard to balance...

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Gaining Weight Is Cool!

Gaining Weight Is Cool! Lesson learned! [ct_leading]We all do it, stare at that fit girl wondering how her waste is tiny, stomach is flat, and her big butt is perfectly sculpted on top of tiny legs![/ct_leading] I recently discovered the magic trick to this body. It...

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