Fit Fun and Five One

How did all this get started? Learn more about why I started on my fitness journey.

TYPE A … It works for me

Certified  Personal Trainer

Being Me, Five One, Fitness Freak, Healthy Living!

I wasn’t always a certified personal trainer, the journey was long and there were quite a few surprises along the way. If you really want to know why I’m doing this, here’s a glimpse into where I’ve been and what I want to achieve.

I am Kristina Mazzola, a fitness freak standing at 5’1”. I grew up on Long Island, New York and could not dream of a better place to live. I am now a 21-year-old college student at Clemson University! #gotigers. I am studying communications with a minor in psychology with a dream of diving into the world of marketing and public relations. I’m a Type A personality, which means I’m a motivated and dedicated girl. I am so organized it actually starts to annoy those around me, oh well! I have had a passion to help others my whole life and I strive to use every outlet I can to reach others.

When life throws you a curve at 14

Around the time I was a freshman in high school I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and only missed one blood marker for lupus. In simple terms, fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes constant fatigue, muscle and joint pain and relentless inflammation. Lupus causes chronic inflammation in your immune system which causes self-induced attacks on organs, lungs, and tissues. The doctors looked at me and told me, my life would have change. Tons of medicine and restrictions were thrown my way. I refused to live in the box that was drawn for me though. I chose to take a holistic route, no medicine or bed-ridden days for me, I am much more than that. I decided to completely change my diet and lifestyle. If I wanted to stay off medicine and combat my pain and inflammation I had no choice but to get fit. Few people actually know that this is one of the reasons why I started my fitness journey. (Fitness has also helped me conquer my self-image issues).


Honestly, who doesn’t battle self-image issues?

Not only was I battling my diagnosis but, self-image issues hovered over me like a dark cloud. So, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? I thought to myself, “physical activity and a healthy diet combats all of my symptoms”. Little did I know that once I started on this journey, I would learn to love myself. After 3 years of learning about the gym, nutrition, and myself I decided it was time to share my journey.

My Instagram page @kristinaamazz is where I started to share, but I felt it was not enough because so many of you started to reach out to me with questions and your own health/fitness concerns. So here we are on my blog! On this blog, I intend to share more than just fitness though.

Sharing what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning.

Of course, I will share all of my fitness knowledge! But I want to give insight on self-love as well, the fads and products I try and the places I travel too. I am like your personal guinea pig, testing it all and sharing it with you. I cannot wait to see what the future brings and I hope to positively impact thousands! Surf around and make yourself comfortable. If you have any questions or comments send them my way! Are you a fitness freak too? Tell me about it and we can work out (virtually) together!

Ready to Make a Change?

If you’re interested in making a change in your life, you can start today. Just check out the plans we have and maybe something will inspire you. When you do choose a plan you get constant contact with me, customized plan for you, accountability sessions but, so much more …  a HEALTHY YOU!!!