Long locks and a Tight Tummy

[ct_leading]My hair never grows and my stomach bloat never goes away. Girl problems, right? [/ct_leading]I am sure many of you can relate to these issues. There are thousands of products on the internet that promise you results. I am here to tell you about two products that have truly worked for me. Sugar Bear Hair Care and Flat Tummy Tea to the rescue. Just so it is clear, I am neither a sponsor or paid spokesperson for either brand. I have just had such a positive experience with both products I wanted to share them with those of you that feel my pain. I hope I can save at least one thin haired, bloated girl out there!

You always want what you can’t have right?

Those with thick luscious locks wish their hair were thinner and vice versa. Well I say to all those girls with thick hair, be thankful! You have so much to play with and let grow. Those of us with thin hair struggle to grow a few inches and our hair dries out and dies so quickly. My thin hair was begging for a fix and after a lot of trial-and-error I found a cure! I am currently on my 4th month of Sugar Bear Hair Care. I started to notice definitive results around the 2-month mark. My hair has grown several inches in these past few months and has absolutely gotten thicker (even my stylist noticed the difference). As a college student, frying my hair with curling irons and straighteners is regular occurrence. But, thanks to Sugar Bear Hair Care my hair  remains in great condition. My ends are not dried out or straggly looking. If anything, my hair  is smoother, thicker and healthier! I started my first 3-month round of Sugar Bear Hair Care in August 2016, and around November 2016 I went for a trim and color change. My hairdresser, (for 6 years now), could not stop raving about how different my hair was. She was amazed by how healthy looking it is, how thick my ends are, and how smooth it feels. My hairdresser didn’t know about Sugar Bear Hair Care before, but now with me as living proof of the products abilities, she was ready to try some of her own. Today I am about 1 week in on my 4th month of the treatment. You simply eat 2 delicious gummy bears daily and wait for the magic to happen. The product is vegan, loaded with biotin, and other healthy nutrients. I will continue to track my the progress of my hair and take before and after pictures. I cannot wait to see how long, thick and healthy these bears make my hair! But, no matter how long my hair gets, it can’t hide my food baby.

Flat Tummy Tea can crush that bloat though!

I seriously can take one sip of water and I will have a bloated belly for days. My stomach seems to hold onto water and food more than normal, and I definitely got this trait from my mom. So, THANKS mom for the bloat. Isn’t it just lovely when you exercise and eat right but still have that annoying little pouch at the end of your belly? Bloat is kind of like that unwelcomed guest on your couch that has no intentions of leaving. wWell, it’s time to evict bloat! Give your bloat a 30-day notice because that is all the time Flat Tummy Tea needs to work its magic. Flat Tummy Tea offers 2 different detox options. You can try out the tea for 2 weeks or 4 weeks. I suggest jumping right into the 4 week one. I personally started to see results around the 2 week mark and was grateful to have 2 more weeks of tea. NO! The tea does not have you running to the girl’s room constantly and it causes no pain or discomfort. YES! The tea eliminated my bloat, curved some cravings for me and all around kept me on track with healthy eating. The tea did make me pee in larger amounts, but I could notice my little pouch going away. I had such great results that I got my mom hooked on the tea too. She buys it more than me now! Please note though, we both exercise and eat right so we don’t depend on the tea on its own. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are, of course, always recommended. A few weeks off the tea does allow for some bloat to return but I have noticed that if I drink the tea every other month or 2 months the bloat that returns after the detox is less and less. Slowly evicting my bloat is exciting and I hope you can give it a try too! (P.S. if you feel the tea is not working do not quit half way through your packets, allow it to run its full course before judging the results.)

My closing thoughts are simple Loves!

Everyone’s body is different. Meaning even though I had an amazing experience with these products you may not. Allow yourself to try new things though and listen to your body. You may be as pleasantly surprised as me! Also, always check new products for potential personal allergies, impacts on medicine etc. I hope you give these products a try and have as much success as I have! Let’s easily get the long locks, and tight tummies we crave! If you do try these products please get in touch with me and let me know your results. Even sending me before and after pics if you have them!