Don’t cheat on your dietary needs, know the facts!

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Eating a healthy diet can include delicious snacks too!

Diet is 90% of your battle when training! Everyone loves to snack, late night binge, and with a busy schedule quick, unhealthy meals are usually the go to. Learning to control and change your diet is not easy, it needs to be approached with steady, safe steps just as your fitness journey.

You can’t just expect to wake up one morning and love and want to eat everything healthy all day, every day! Easing into a healthy diet will bring you long term results! A good starting point is aiming to make 1 meal and all snacks healthy each day. Once that becomes normal your body will crave more healthy foods and you can build on that.

Are crash diets a healthy diet? NO, NO, NO!

Let me share why I am completely against crash diets, diet pills, and diet plans created by others. I can share my opinion and hope to shed some insight for you, but please continue to do your own research and educate yourself so you can form your own opinion!

Fitness and a healthy diet is a lifestyle choice.
It’s a cliché, but it’s the truth. Crash diets are not going to create a healthy lifestyle choice. They will only create a short-term change. If you want true change and results you must be patient and work for the long-term. I also believe our body is exposed to enough toxins with all the GMOs and preservatives in our food that diet pills don’t need to be added. I think even all natural diet pills or substances don’t need to be added to your diet. There are so many foods out there that are naturally healthy, you just have focus on adding those to your diet. Our body can naturally burn fat and gain muscle so, give it the foods it needs to work its natural magic. I know I’ve said I am a fan of flat tummy tea because I believe a detox tea is great for the body and rids it of toxins.

I strongly advise against following random diet plans made by others for 3 main reasons

1 – Different needs for Different Bodies
First, everybody’s body has different needs. For example, those with an iron deficiency should not be following a diet made by others that does not consider their dietary needs. (Of course, suggestions made by a certified nutritionist who has met with you can and should be listened too). But that random diet plan you found online knows nothing about your health or dietary needs.

2 – Your blood type plays a part in your food choices
I believe a healthy diet is unique for every individual due to varying blood types. Yes, we all see those health facts that are universally helpful such as eat more veggies, proteins and drink lots of water. But, if you ever want to truly figure out the perfect diet for you, your blood type is a key factor. Read, research and see what your body needs for your blood type. You’d be surprised to know just how much of a part it plays when making healthy diet choices.

3 – Your heritage can influence your dietary needs
Finally, diet can be affected by your personal heritage. The foods from your culture and ancestors are what you’ve eaten forever and can be what your body is most ready to break down and absorb. A Healthy diet is unique to you, and it takes time to find the perfect recipe of foods you should eat. If everyone responded well to the same diet there wouldn’t be so many choices out there. Some respond to high protein low carbs, while others respond to all vegetables and no meat. Read up and make sure to track your results, pay attention to how your body reacts to the foods you’re feeding it.

A Healthy diet can include snacks, snacks and more snacks!

After all I just shared, I am definitely not going to sit here and share a diet plan. What works for me may not work for you. But, I will share some of my favorite healthy snack options to keep you on track! First off, Kashi Bars! I absolutely love them. They are full of protein and protein can fill you up for long periods of time. Some flavors even have chocolate, which is always a delicious touch.

Snacking can absolutely be healthy, little changes will turn into big results. Take it bite by bite.

One of my signature snacks is an apple with organic almond butter! (I prefer almond butter to peanut butter solely based on taste not nutritional reasons). An apple has natural sugar that gives you an energized feeling, and the almond butter is full of healthy fat and protein that keep you feeling full. I eat avocado toast almost daily. Avocado is a super food and It’s so delicious. It’s full of good fats and it is very filling. I use multigrain toast, which may be a little denser and fattier than other bread options but, it is chock full of nutrients and for me that translates to feeling full longer. I exercise enough that the extra fat and carbs are manageable.

Complex Carbs are truly not something you should fear. Embrace natural sugar too!
Carbs fuel the body and are necessary for a balanced diet. I love chopping up a fresh fruit bowl of cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, honey dew etc. be careful though, although natural sugars are not terrible for you, too much of it and the water from the fruits can cause lots of bloat (at least for me they do, but I’ve already told you about my battle with bloat).

Smoothie Bowls, a little piece of heaven for your mouth.
For me, smoothie bowls are like a little piece of heaven in your mouth, and real ones are full of necessary nutrients, fats etc. They feel like a treat, like you’re cheating, when you’re not. You can even make your own at home, there are recipes all over the internet.

Gluten Free, no GMOs easy healthy choices
Other suggestions for a quick pick me up when you are feeling the need to crunch are Boom-chic-a-pop or skinny pop, two healthier versions of popcorn! They have less fat, no GMOs, are gluten free and made with whole grain, yet, still taste amazing. Better than regular popcorn if you ask me!

Some meal-time substitutes & more snack ideas
Try switching white rice for quinoa or brown rice. Use kale and spinach in salads, and have hard-boiled eggs on deck as well as chopped peppers! Hard boiled eggs are great for on the go snacking and peppers are underrated. They are full of nutrients (sometimes even the healthiest item in a salad) and definitely filling. Switch to whole grain pasta or even zucchini noodles. I have yet to try zucchini as my pasta but, it is next on the menu for sure. I have heard such great things about it.

Liquids count too, don’t forget to stay hydrated!
LEMON WATER. Making healthy diet changes doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple change in the water you drink can bring about great health benefits. Please cut yourself some slices daily and throw them in your water. Lemon water offers so many health benefits such as, helping with weight loss, detoxing your body, and reducing bloat (there’s that word again). These examples just scratch the surface of the health benefits of lemon water. The list goes on and on. Cucumber water is also super beneficial. I just prefer the lemon taste over cucumber.

When you want something other than water
As you all already know I am a huge fan of flat tummy tea! Most importantly though, is your water intake, make sure to consistently drink water throughout the day. Water possess the most health benefits of all, and with exercise comes the even higher need to keep your body hydrated. Find what flavor water works for you and start making it a goal to drink it as regularly as possible. But, I know there will be times you want something other than water.

STOP! Don’t grab that sugary chemical filled drink!
Instead of grabbing a sugar filled juice or soda another drink I have found to be extremely helpful is Fermented Kombucha. It can be found in your local grocery store. Fermented Kombucha is a probiotic beverage it aids in digestion, mood stability, mental clarity and improves your immune system. Kombucha also helps with weight loss, detoxification, and joint pain (which is a big plus in my life). This drink is like the superman of drinks! Though just be careful with the amount you consume in a short period of time. Since it is fermented it does have alcohol in it. You don’t not have to be 21 to purchase it and no, the drink cannot get you inebriated. BUT, your liver will still have to process the alcohol that is in the drink and you just do not want to overdo it.

Indulge don’t binge
Eating a completely healthy diet, all day every day is not a realistic goal. After all, you are human and you have some favorite comfort foods. You absolutely need to treat yourself. That one moment of indulgence will not be the end of you, its honestly saving you. If you do not allow yourself to indulge occasionally you will eventually crack and binge eat all your body has craved. Binge eating is a lot worse than occasional indulgences, trust me. Your #bodygoal should be #bodypositive and a balanced lifestyle will help you achieve that goal.

No need to be rigorous and not enjoy life.
As a college student, I indulge all the time, late night pizza, ice cream, cookies you name it! I am honestly addicted to Cheez-its and eat them like my life line. It is okay to have your favorite snack still and treat yourself. You can live a healthy lifestyle and still enjoy life, they are not secular. Just be patient with yourself as you and your body find the perfect balance. Eating a healthy diet will help you feel good about your body and the way you look, no matter what the scale says. Getting to the gym on a regular basis will only help your confidence, leave you feeling great and help you reach your #bodygoal of #bodypositive even more.

Most importantly on your journey to a healthy diet and lifestyle always remember to read up on products, food and nutrition to keep yourself informed and healthy. Let’s get healthy together, contact me with any questions, or even if you just need some motivation! Here’s to a healthy body, tight tummies, and a full soul!