Raise your hand if college has you spread this thin too!

 I am spread too thin, Help!

We’re All In The Same Boat

College students do not ever get a break. I get it and, just when you think you’re ahead on assignments you get 10 more assignments sent your way all due in the next few hours. College is draining and demanding, I GET IT! You can’t even fathom fitting in the gym. But, you most likely fit in Netflix right? Why not spend that 30 mins or hour episode in the gym. You can even watch Netflix while on the treadmill. Technology supports fitness too!

[ct_leading]My day to day routine consists of classes from 8-1:45, at least 3-5 assignments that need to be worked on or completed each day and, I usually have 1 or 2 exams I need to study or prepare for.[/ct_leading] On top of all this, I am involved in several extra-circulars. Somewhere in there I am supposed to fit in eating, breathing and sleeping? I AM NOT saying this to brag nor am I sharing my schedule with you to show you how busy I am. We are all busy, I know. I’m simply showing you that allowing room for fitness in your life can happen if you make yourself a priority! I know you can barely keep up with your normal obligations. How can you possibly throw fitness in there? I promise there is time! Somewhere in your day there is time. You do not have to go the gym every single day to make a difference; you just need to make it in general.

Okay So How Do I Fit It In?

At home workouts
They don’t always get the best reputations but they are better than no workout. And, they can be extremely effective! You can purchase programs to follow at home workouts, or you can stick to a simple rotation of simple moves.
– body squats
-jumping jacks
-Tricep dips or push-ups
-Froggy jumps
-High knees
Anything that gets your heart rate up and the blood flowing is good! Next week’s blog will consist of several intense at home workouts, so no excuses!

Go in between, before, or after classes!

Yes, even if you have an 8 am you can make it to the gym! In my opinion all you need is 1 hour for a well-rounded workout. Workout from 6:30-7:30 shower then head to class. If you drive to campus this is a plus because you will have the best parking options! I could rant forever about the benefits of an early morning workout. It is like nature’s coffee. It gets the heart rate up, gets the blood flowing and releases endorphins. Which all increase the chances of having a positive day. Fitness is also a stress reliever and as college students we have a lot of stress. So, why not start your day off by combatting that stress? Many people think I am crazy for being at the gym by 5:30 but I love every second of it!

Try going in-between classes. Often we have long awkward breaks in-between classes that we don’t know what to do with. Yes, you could go to the library and get some work done but isn’t that exactly what you’re going to do at home? Utilize that time in-between class to better yourself, prioritize yourself. You will not regret that quick workout! Even just 30 minutes in the gym counts! Go right after class. You are already on campus and done with classes for the day, right? Get yourself into that beautiful university gym and kill it. Can’t make the gym? Walk around campus for 30 minutes instead of heading to Starbucks for a latte. Who knows, you could accidentally, on purpose, bump into that guy/girl you’ve been dying to meet. Just get moving!

The gym will help you focus, relax and feel productive. After your workout you can head home, shower, eat and feel re-energized for homework, essays, studying etc. Just make a promise to yourself to not leave campus until you have hit the gym. Fitness is not a go big or go home type of deal. You need to do what works for your health and schedule. If 30 minutes gets the job done, than 30 minutes it is. Studies have proven that students who participate in regular physical activity receive higher GPAs’. I’m just saying, who couldn’t benefit from higher GPAs’?

Bring School To The Gym

Although I’d really like my time and your time at the gym to be solely focused on yourself and the exercise, sometimes that is just not possible. Instead of sitting idle in your desk chair and reading that 40 page chapter (and falling asleep on page 3), or studying countless flashcards, bring it to the gym. Hop onto any cardio machine that you prefer and study as you workout. I love to make the time pass on the treadmill by flipping through flashcards. It keeps me distracted from how far I have run, or how much further I have left to run. I even use schoolwork as a motivator. I will not let myself get off that Stairmaster or treadmill until the entire chapter is read, or all of those flashcards are memorized. You can pair schoolwork and fitness easily; it just takes practice, dedication and self-love!

Plan Ahead!

Take your booty down to your local drug store and buy a huge calendar or planner. (Mine is color coded, don’t judge, my Type A runs deep!) Put your syllabus from each class on your calendar to get a visual of what your upcoming weeks look like. If you notice Tuesday is packed but Thursday is light, mark down the gym for Thursday. Let’s say your WHOLE week is jam packed, maybe its mid-term time! Well I can promise you probably have some time on the weekend. Some light cardio can really help with a hang over or even those dreaded period cramps! Before you buckle down to study or head to a darty, get in the gym. Your body deserves, your mind deserves it, you deserve it!

Planning ahead can really alleviate stress and help you gain a clear vision of where the gym fits in. You don’t need to clear out 6 days of your week and 2 and a half hours a day for the gym. Aim for 2-3 days a week and at least 30 minutes. Dream big and start small, soon you will crave going daily and extending the length of time you’re there.

But, I Don’t Feel Like It!

[ct_leading]Oh? You don’t feel like empowering yourself, and improving your mental and physical health?[/ct_leading] Many see the gym as a burden, another unnecessary obligation. But, that NEGATIVE mindset will get you nowhere! Here is the cold hard truth my loves so brace yourself! Hungry and too tired after class? Suck it up and bring snack to class. Pack bananas, nuts, apples, protein bars, and lots of water and get into the gym! You’d rather watch TV, Netflix, or scroll through Instagram. Well NEWSFLASH, laying on the couch, binging on junk food, and complaining and stressing over school work will NOT make it better or get you that spring break body you have been longing for. I know this from personal experience trust me.

Being more productive, and proactive will make things better. Heading to the gym helps clear your mind, relieve stress and add to the productivity of your day. All it takes is some time management and if we don’t figure out how to do that now it’s going to bite us in the butt one day soon.

You don’t feel like prioritizing yourself?

Well at one time I did not either and, I can promise it is not a good time to look back on. The moment I prioritized myself and stopped being negative is the moment all things started to fall into place. The gym became my get away, my body and mind improved and school work has become manageable. So, why not join me and learn that your #bodygoal should be #bodypositive. And, if you’re a Clemson student and in they gym at 5:30am stop by and say hello! I’m always open to meeting the brave souls (or crazy students, take your pick) that get themselves out of bed and on a treadmill before class. Trust me, there are quite a few of us there! I’m not the only one that makes me a priority. You should too!

If you have any questions, or you have some great ways to organize your days to allow fitness into your day, send me an email and fill me in! I would love to share others stories here too.