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Hello & Welcome!

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First, I want to express my gratitude to each of you for purchasing my plan, and following me!
Second, my goal is for you to realize how amazing your body is, how powerful it is and that it is uniquely yours.

Over the next 4 weeks I hope to help you gain not only physical change but also a change in your mentality. I want you to really impress yourself and see how capable your body is.

How this will work

For the next 4 weeks we will collaborate to better your life, both physically and mentally.

Each week I will upload video tutorials for that week’s workouts. You can access these on my website (fitfunfiveone.com). The written plan and videos will be released on May 1st and accessible at all times on any portable device. This way it will be easy to take your plan to the gym each morning!

Don’t Cheat! Stay with the program!

I want to STRESS THE POINT that you should NOT go ahead of the planned daily workouts. The video tutorials will be uploaded each week, and are a way for you to stay focused on that week’s plan. The videos are there to guide you on proper form and to let observe the actual exercise.

Feel free to adapt the plan to you.

If you need to change which days are “off-days” or change the order in which you do the workouts feel free to move things around. As long as you get each workout done within the week you can adapt them to your needs. That is something I love about these workouts. They are extremely adaptable to you and your needs.

Tracking Your Progress

As for tracking progress I am not a fan of the scale, but is anyone? In my opinion the scale does not accurately track or depict your progress. Since the start of my fitness journey, I have actually gained weight and love it! Why? Because the weight I have gained is shown in muscle strength and toning, not extra pounds of fat or flab! I rarely weigh myself. I would rather just use my body as a guide to how I feel. The pounds don’t matter to me as much as the progress I see in the gym. But, feel free to use the scale as a tracker if it motivates you!

Engage in the Process, Take photos from the front, side and back

Please, please, please engage in progress pictures! Make sure to take pictures of yourself before you start the program and after each week of workouts. Send your starting photos to me so we can compare them to your results pictures after 4 weeks.

At the end of the 4 weeks you should have 4 sets of progress photos.

  • 1 set of before the program starts (front, side, back)
  • 1 set from each week of workouts (front, side, back)

It’s common for you to think you haven’t achieved any changes but your progress pictures will prove that thought process wrong. I encourage you to share your photos with me each week. I would love it! Your transformation is what keeps me motivated to create new plans, new exercises and new ways to help you love your body all the time!

Help me to help you get the results you want!

So, to help you achieve great results please take 5 minutes to answer 5 questions. I will use your answers to adapt the plan to your needs. Meaning, I may change rep amount or cardio length just for you. As for the weight lifting portions, the amount you want to lift is up to you. Whatever weight you can lift while maintaining proper form is what you should aim for.

When you choose your weights keep your goals in mind:

  • Light weight and lots of reps = toning
  • Heavy weight and less reps = muscle growth.

Please Tell Me What You’re looking for with this plan



    I am not knowledgeable enough on every diet out there to provide a specific diet plan or encourage macro counting. Also, there have been countless times where I have seen counting macros, calories etc. become obsessive and unhealthy. Most importantly, EVERYONE IS UNIQUE. Everyone responds to a diet differently. A unified diet plan may not work for all 25 people that have decided to take on this healthy challenge. This is why I believe in eating intuitively. Our bodies know when we are hungry and we should listen to it. I eat whenever I am hungry BUT, I make sure I am consuming good foods that will fuel my body. I keep a balanced diet but, I do indulge as well. If I know I am going out to eat for dinner and want all the carbs, pasta, and beverages I will make sure my breakfast and lunch are healthy to offset that indulgence. I really want you to learn that you can live a healthy, non-restrictive lifestyle. I love pizza, pasta, bagels, ice cream etc. and I balance those indulgences with exercise and eating healthy a majority of the time.

    If you want to change your diet feel free to ask me ANY QUESTIONS at ANYTIME! I will answer and provide all the knowledge I can, but I will not be offering a diet plan, counting macros, calories or restricting you, your health and what you put into your body to fuel it are your choices, choose wisely and you will see results.


    Supplements are not absolutely necessary. I currently use BCAA’s (muscle recovery) and Protein (muscle growth). But you are in no way required to purchase anything. Supplements are exactly what the name says, “supplements”. They are not meal replacements and they do not make or break your results or progress. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask! As a member of this group use me!I am truly at your disposal.

    Tips and Tricks

    • Increase your water in take
    • Start drinking lemon water
    • Visit Bodybuilding.com and view their tutorials on proper form this website is beyond helpful.
    • Always, warm-up and stretch after a workout

    Finally, Thank you!

    Again, thank you so much for deciding to better yourself through one of these workout plans and following me. I cannot wait to start with you May 1st and watch you progress over the next 4 weeks. Make sure to fill out the short questionnaire as soon as you can and get ready to love yourself and kick some ass!