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Oh no! I’m hitting weight training plateaus

I know I am plateauing, how do I Fix it? [ct_leading]Last week we discussed how to identify if your workouts are up to par with what your body needs and the key things too look for like soreness, fatigue and muscle memory. If you found after reading the blog post that...

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Weight Training Results, Try the 6, 8, 10 Rule.

Are you hitting a weight training plateau? Let's get results! [ct_leading]How do you know when to up the weight you lift at? How do you know when to try a more difficult move? Why are you not sore or tired after your workouts? [/ct_leading] These are questions...

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Ease, Don’t Jump Into Fitness

Ease, Don't Jump into Fitness! [ct_leading]Fitness takes time, patience, and self-love; as I have mentioned before. Come tag along as I talk about my personal fitness journey. (I truly will never be done with the journey) ;-)[/ct_leading] Imagine if the first time you...

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Your #bodygoals should be #bodypositivity

Your #bodygoals should be #bodypositivity [ct_leading]Social Media is relentlessly being flooded with photos of super models, fitness models, and gorgeous girls with the #bodygoals captioned underneath.[/ct_leading] Personally, I am so tired of seeing this trend swarm...

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