P’TULA (Pa-toola)


Why don’t you have your P’tula’s yet? Bet you tried and they were sold out AGAIN!! (3 times, really??)


P’Tula the active wear line created by Sami B, better known as @leanmachine. P’tula has already had 3 successful sold out launches with a few small re-stocks in between. A sold-out product speaks for itself, and sold out each time you launch a new style? I’d say that’s a fantastic endorsement alone. THE BEST PART, it’s high quality at an affordable price (even for us broke college kids). BUT, before we dive into all the pros of this amazing clothing line, let’s talk a little about their message, founder and mission!


The Message

Now, while I cannot speak on behalf of Sami I can say the message I receive from P’tula has been powerful and positive for me. It’s a line for everyone; all shapes, all sizes, all levels of fitness. The line is complete with numerous designs, colors, and shapes. I feel as if Sami is striving to make fitness and active wear for everyone, not just the skinny fitness model. For me, the line screams “love yourself, be positive, and dedicate yourself to anything that makes you happy”.


P’tula is designed to be a cute, simple line of active wear. But for me it goes way deeper than that. The passion and positivity it creates within me when I wear it is undeniable. It reminds me of the very reason I started on this fitness journey.  You see, I started my fitness journey to conquer Fibromyalgia and Lupus and to show others that your #bodygoals should be #bodypositivity. The brand P’tula speaks to me in exactly that way, helping to remind me to continually face and conquer obstacles, love myself, reach my goals and love my body throughout the journey.


The Founder: Sami B @leanmachine

I have followed @leanmachine for years! I cannot even begin to explain my love (which I admit may be bordering on obsession) with her. Every workout she posts is amazing and her dedication to fitness is remarkable. Sami is a nurse, and we all know that profession involves long hours and over night shifts. Yet, she manages to hit the gym regularly and still manage her businesses (yes, I said businesses … plural). From online programs and training, to a booming new active wear line she does it all. As a busy college student that takes on two jobs during the summer, Sami is a nice reminder that everything you want can be done and all of your goals can be achieved. This is why she is an inspiration to me. Sami and her line continue to inspire me to stay dedicated, organized and passionate.


The Mission

P’tula’s mission is clear! Inspire everyone, include every body shape and size, and spread positivity. I think Sami should give herself a pat on the back for creating a line that is so beautiful, encouraging and inclusive. Thank you, Sami, for your motivation, dedication, and passion. I’m sure each one of your followers benefit from you daily. (I know I surely do!) Sami has made a brand for the people, not for herself. The pieces she designs are named after women that have had to face their own challenges and obstacles and have been fortunate enough to work with Sami. The empowerment Sami is offering these women just by naming her pieces for them is an acknowledgement of their struggle and a real testament to the type of person Sami is. To me, P’tula has united women and taught them to share appreciation for one another’s differences, successes, and goals.



Now for the fun part! The P’tula active wear line is to die for. The colors are so incredible and vibrant, and the classic, chic black is still offered. The material is undoubtedly high quality (I would even say you are getting lulu lemon quality for half the cost!). Each top is designed to hug female curves just right. But, the materials used avoid hugging to tight so it doesn’t create a feeling of discomfort. I promise you I’m not lying when I say Sami has designed all of these clothes to complement any figure, size and desire. I cannot express my appreciation to her for doing so as “one size does not fit all”! Everyone deserves to feel confident in the clothing they choose to wear. I even love to lounge in P’tula! The material is perfect for the gym or a day on the couch. SO GO GET YOUR P’TULA! You are missing out on a world of good feelings if you haven’t yet! Thank you Sami and thank you P’tula



I chose to write this blog because I am actively trying to be chosen as a spokesmodel for P’tula. The brand and the founder have played a huge role in my fitness journey and joining the team of P’tula would mean the world to me. I am always looking for all outlets so I can spread fitness goals and body positivitiy. Joining the P’tula team would be a tremendous boost in helping me reach my golas too.


One final note, thank you to everyone that follows me, reads my blogs and offers support. I am so appreciative and if I impact just one person to be more self-loving and positive I’ve succeeded in my goal for the day.



PPS: Why don’t you have your P’tula’s yet?