Learn how to prioritize you!

Are you Putting yourself on the Back Burner?

I’m Back and Re-prioritizing

I have been MIA on my blog the past few weeks because I let school/finals and moving out take over my life. I planned to start writing again as soon as I got back home, but then I let finding a summer job and working crazy hours take over. We all do it! We let work, school, and other responsibilities overtake our schedule. I stopped doing what makes me happy. That’s how you lose yourself though. It’s crucial that you prioritize what makes you happy or else you will just find yourself just going through the same old motions.

Of course, somethings cannot be prioritized over others. Sitting in the library and studying for my finals absolutely needed to prioritized over writing a few blogs and editing workout videos. But, these past couple of weeks I felt something was missing. I love writing for this blog and working out and I let the two things that keep me happy and sane slip away. DO NOT do the same! Prioritize what makes you happy and balance out your schedule.


The tricky part is finding balance!

If you ask anyone that really knows me they will say I am absolutely a very Type A personality. As a Type A personality, my grades are extremely important to me. I am proud to say I ended my semester with a 4.0! But, reflecting back on the last few weeks of the semester I have realized a few things. Before finals my grades were already all A’s except for one B. I did not need to stress out relentlessly and let studying completely take over my schedule. Striving for perfection takes its toll, and I let things like fitness slip away and sit on the back burner. For what? My grades were already great and I was still managing to fit in my workouts and blog writing. Why did I let myself stress out and live in the library?

The answer is simple, I was striving for perfection which is not healthy. Looking back on those weeks I absolutely could have done a better job managing studying, blog writing and workouts. There was no reason for me to study so hard that I forget to take care of myself and do what makes me happy. The things that make you happy keep you SANE. So, find whatever makes you happy and prioritize it! Instead of striving for perfection in one thing, strive for balance! Complete all of your obligations and responsibilities while still feeding your soul with the things that make you happy.


Tips and Tricks to balance your priorities:

  1. Time Management / Multitasking: Plan ahead! Know what days you have off from work or dedicate at least 1 hour from 1 day of the week to whatever makes you happy. For example, I have decided each morning while I eat breakfast I will write a blog. I have to sit and eat breakfast, so why not maximize that down time.
  2. Set Reminders and Utilize a Calendar: That little piece of technology in your pocket holds a lot of power but we all forget its simplest uses. Jump onto the Calendar app or the Reminders app on your phone and schedule your priorities. With reminders from your phone you will never find yourself last minute scrambling to get something done. Also, visually seeing what you have to do on a calendar will help you better plan out and utilize all 12 hours of your day wisely! Do not let time slip away, set alarms! Once all of your responsibilities are planned out you will find time slots where you can slip in what you love.
  3. Keep a Supportive Crowd: Who you have around you is a very vital piece to the puzzle. Make sure you have supportive people around you. Individuals that see your vision and support it will help to keep you on track even if it takes a little tough love to do so. Negative people will drain your energy and take away your drive. Keep the negative thoughts and people out.
  4. Remind yourself that “you can”: It’s unavoidable there are times life becomes overwhelming and all you want to do is curl up in bed and hide under the covers. THAT’S OKAY and normal! If you need a mental health day, take it and remind yourself you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Only YOU can give YOU the strength and drive you need. Others can support you, but your self-discipline and passion comes from within. Do not be too hard on yourself and just prioritize you.
  5. Visualize: I have preached it before and I will preach it again! VISUALIZATION is powerful. Take 5 minutes a day, just 5 to visualize. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing what you love or imagine where you want to be in 5 years and tell yourself you can do it! See yourself getting that job you want or reaching that fitness goal. Whatever it may be that you want and love, visualize yourself accomplishing it! (I am even in the middle of creating a vision board for myself). 

At the end of your day, YOU are most important and that is easy to forget. If you find yourself wrapped up in 100 things but not a single one of them is something that feeds your soul and makes you want to get up in the morning then make a change! Where there is a will there is a way, once you start prioritizing you and your passions all else will fall into place. This summer fitness, yoga and my blog are at the top of my list! 3 things I have really grown to love, 3 things that keep me sane, and 3 things I irresponsibly let slip away from me, briefly, but still I let them slip away. Prioritize you and stay self-loving! I hope to see you all grow and do the things that make you happy. It won’t always be easy, but YOU are always worth it.