You know you do it. It’s a routine we all know and love. It’s called …………… scrolling

Your face is washed, your teeth are brushed and you’re in a pair of comfy pajamas ready to bring your day to a close. Before crawling into bed you plug in that shiny device that connects you to the world. (Hopefully that charging cord reaches your bed perfectly… we all know the struggle). Snuggled under

Who I am thanking for my transformation?

the covers you place your fingerprint on your phone and start scrolling; whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat you are definitely scrolling. Hours go by and once every news feed is dry you finally click off and slip away to sleep. It is a simple routine that hundreds of us practice, but is that routine a benefit or a problem? I guess that depends on what you do when you are scrolling. Do you read everything and get depressed or do you feel empowered? For me, it’s a benefit and has not only empowered me, but has changed my life for the better (now that’s a testimonial for social media isn’t it?).

It’s not all bad, right?

[ct_focus background=”#40287c” gradient=”#444444″ color=”#ffffff” style=”normal” animation=”slideright”]Social media platforms, (Instagram in particular for me) have really helped guide my life in a new, better direction. [/ct_focus]

Negative headlines about social media continue to flood the news. Yet, social media remains a huge part of the average person’s life. Even the demographic of individuals on social media has expanded immensely. Social media is truly not bad when you use it in a positive way. People have created amazing businesses and become a big success off their Instagram feeds. Real people with real businesses and real success! Whether you support the idea or not, it does not change the fact that it is true. It’s undeniable. And, when you pay attention and follow positive, inspirational individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions, you find yourself enticed and riveted. (Seriously though, can we stop denying the fact that social media has expanded entrepreneurial opportunities?!). Use Social Media in a positive way and it can change your life too. I’m proof! Just hear me out before you roll your eyes and click off!

It’s your recipe; if you don’t like it, change the ingredients!

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh please, social media bettered you?” Yes, I promise it absolutely helps me with my #bodygoals of #bodypositivity. Before you click away, just give me a chance to explain myself. Recently I have been nagging my boyfriend with a simple sayingIf the recipe isn’t working change it!”

Everyone’s recipe for a happy life is unique, you just need to find what combination works for you. If you continually feel unhappy and stagnant than you are not using the right ingredients in your recipe. Thanks, to some very special fitsagrammers I found the recipe I needed to be happy. The moment you realize you are in control of your happiness and destiny is the moment all things take a turn for the better. YES, famous social media influencers opened my eyes. All I needed to do to get out of my slump (for lack of a better word) was get up, change my recipe, and that lead me to happiness.

Zone in and you’ll take flight.

If you zone in on the positive facets of social media you will take flight in no time. There are so many individuals out there fulfilling their goals and happiness through social media. Some very special women inspired me to get up, get to the gym and take control. For me, and many others, the gym offers more than physical benefits. Believe it or not, I would even say it offers way more mental benefits than physical. Mentally my confidence has grown. I have found a new self-love, mental strength, determination, self-discipline, and I’m achieving my #bodygoals of #bodypositivity… THE LIST GOES ON! All of these personal and positive changes came from following social media and the positive people on it. You just need to follow the right people.

Who helped me? Just a few fitness gurus, that’s all.

I follow so many amazing fitness gurus on Instagram and each of them have inspired me in a different way. I really want to take the time to thank a few fitness girls who have truly impacted me and helped me create a new recipe!
Here is my recipe:
Sami B or @leanmachine21 has taught me that no matter what your crazy schedule entails you can and deserve to take time for yourself.
Suzie_kb has taught me that it is okay to embrace your anxiety but do not let it consume you. You deserve to be happy and enjoying life.
• Paige Reilly- Well she just taught me to be a complete bad ass. Work that double and get to the gym to kick ass.
Kali Burns has taught me to have fun with whatever you do and be unapologetically you.
• Denice Moemberg reminds me daily to keep it real, be honest and laugh a little.
LittleandFit She has taught me that ORGANIZATION is key! Maximize your time and stay on track.
• Cristina Caprocorn has taught me a lot about food intake. Showing its okay to indulge and she taught me how to reverse diet and embrace your body at all stages of your journey.
Nichole Freedom has taught me to let the haters hate and continue to hold your head up high.
…And these are just a few of the amazing ladies that influence me!

I need them to know I have BIG plans!

Since they have all impacted my life I now have BIG plans that include them. If you’ve been following me you know I’m kind of a Type A personality. So, after listing them here (my Type A kicks in I can’t help it) I thought why stop there? They each have so much to share, don’t you agree? Well, duh! Brainstorm … I plan is to blog about each one of them individually. (I also have many more women I will feature). I want to take an inside, detailed look at these lovely ladies and their social forums, workouts, and then explain to all of you exactly how they have inspired me and hopefully through me inspire you too do great things too. I want to reach out to all of them and ask if they are interested in answering a few questions for my blog! A lot of work I know. But, my Type A is thrilled at the challenge! So, stay tuned and excited!

Leave the negative behind, stop following someone if necessary!

Social media does not have to be negative all the time. It’s just a matter what you choose to focus on. I choose to focus on positive people with positive messages. Then, I use it to better my outlook and my health, which in-turn had a tremendous impact on my life. I’m so much happier now! Social media can do the same for you. Do not get left behind, start utilizing social media for all the right reasons, with the right ingredients for your recipe. Use what it has to offer to build a better you. You can start by following me, (if you aren’t already kristinaamazz) and don’t forget to check out each one of the women I mentioned here. Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

P.S. I hope to give back all that social media has given me! A new life, body positivity, self-love and a whole lot of new knowledge on fitness and your well-being. Because in the end, it’s all about you and the ingredients you chose for your recipe. Make sure your recipe starts with the most important ingredient there is, LOVE FOR YOURSELF.