Feel Pretty, Lift Pretty

Workout clothes deserve the same consideration as any other attire

[ct_leading]You know that one outfit that gets you excited to go out, it hugs every curve just right and you feel unstoppable in it?[/ct_leading] We all found that one dress, those jeans, or that shirt, and we stare at it all week, begging the weekend to come so we can wear it! You look forward to stepping out in it. I mean truly, the outfit is half the reason you go out, isn’t it? WE HAVE ALL HAD those nights we spend home solely because no piece of clothing fits right. No outfit looks good, and we contemplate setting our whole wardrobe on fire! (Tell me I’m not the only one, please). Well, I promise this same concept applies for workout clothes.

Why new (workout or fitness) clothes?

[ct_leading]When your body is changing in such amazing ways it’s especially important to buy new clothes that compliment the progress you have made.[/ct_leading] TREAT YOURSELF! My workout wardrobe, yes, “wardrobe” because that is absolutely what it has grown into started off with simple leggings, shirts and sports bras. You know, the basic stuff you need to be appropriately dressed for the gym and the pool of sweat you’re about to produce. I admit after a while I got bored of repeatedly wearing the same clothes. It was so un-motivating. I felt that as my fitness level progressed so should my clothes! Why shouldn’t your workout clothes give you that same feeling your great dress or the right pair of heels gives you? I wanted new workout clothes to make me beg for my next workout to come ASAP.

New workout clothes, Better you!

New outfits can get you excited to workout. Nothing like a great fitting pair of leggings and fresh kicks. It’s a visual scheme that will keep you motivated, I promise! Imagine buying leggings in a new size or those cute running shoes and strappy sports bras. The new workout clothes will have you feeling just as good as that perfect dress. When you feel pretty, you lift pretty! AKA: your workout outfit will have you feeling so confident it will motivate you to get to the gym and work hard. This is a tactic I have used myself and I love it! New clothes, and a better you!

Use workout clothes as a motivator

Now, don’t just go out and spend your savings on workout clothes. Use new workout clothes as a motivator. Once you reach a new goal in the gym such as running longer, lifting heavier, losing weight etc. buy yourself a new piece of fitness clothing. This tactic will keep you looking stylish, feeling amazing, and keep you motivated. Through this process you will also learn which brands work for you and make you feel and look the best. I shop all over, from TJ Maxx and Marshalls to lulu lemon and gym shark. It all depends on what the bank account will allow! I am addicted to nice sneakers. They are probably my favorite fitness attire to buy, and they fit no matter what the scale says. From all white to flashy colors, I can’t get enough! With each new thing I conquer in the gym, a new feel good outfit helps me celebrate my progress. So, let’s feel just as good working out in the gym, as we do going out on the town.

Don’t forget the P.S.

[ct_leading]Always do the PS test, and bend over! (pants stretch test) [/ct_leading] Stand in front of the fitting room mirrors and stretch to make sure nothing is see-through. Oh, the horror stories!  Always make sure the sneakers you are buying are supportive and fit your needs. Cushioning on shoes is great for running. It alleviates stress on joints in your ankles, knees, hips etc. But for squatting and deadlifting a more flat-footed shoe is appropriate (Some people even squat or deadlift in socks only). This is why I have sneakers of various styles, at least that’s what I tell myself when I buy a new pair. Just have fun with it and reward yourself. You have earned it, beautiful.

Feel free to contact me about different athletic wear brands! One of my favorites is the Theworkoutship.ca and, the best thing is, I can get you free shipping on their already affordable clothes if you order from them by using the code ffit4.0. I also love Gym Shark and lulu lemon, but these brands are for days you feel you can break the bank just a little!  You can see my wide range of workout clothes on my instagram!